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Greg Allen


Hometown:  St. Louis, MO


Nickname:  Slick


Favorite Mix 107/WZZL Artists:  Sublime, Linkin Park, Bad Company, Led Zepplin, The Offspring, and Green Day 


Favorite Movies:  Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny, Roadhouse, all the Karate Kids and all the Ghostbusters except for the new one. And my ultimate favorite Tremors. Ohh ya and any kind of horror movie.


Favorite TV Shows:  First 48, Pardon The Interruption (ESPN), Last Comic Standing, and Impractical Jokers


Favorite Actor:   Morgan Freeman


Favorite Actress:  Jenna Jamieson


Favorite Foods:  Pizza and Taco’s


Favorite Drink:  BEER


Favorite Quote:  Genius is the power of carrying the feelings of childhood into the powers of manhood.  If you’re going through hell keep going.  – Chesty Puller (U.S.M.C)


Favorite Sports Team:  Cardinals, Blues, Padres, and Penguins


Favorite Artist/Group:  The Offspring


What Song Describes You Best:  Animal I’ve Become – Three Days Grace


My Name If I Was Famous:  Greg the menace


I Got Into Radio Because:  I love talking, and music


What Did I Do Before I Got Into Radio:  Cut Grass


The Worst Job I Ever Had:  Dishwasher at Growler’s Pub in St. louis


If I Wasn't Doing Radio...I'd Be:  A writer for the local paper


My Most Prized Possession: My Fridge Cause it keeps my Beer cold


What do you like to do in your spare time?: Play hockey, play guitar, and flirt with cute girls



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