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  • Badass of the Week: William McBryar

    Buffalo soldier and twenty-year U.S. Army veteran, he received a Medal of Honor fighting the Apache and was one of the first black officers in the history of the U.S. military.

  • Badass of the Week: Klondike Joe Boyle

    Yukon gold-mining Secret Agent who managed a Stanley Cup hockey team, outfitted a WWI machine gun company, stole the Romanian crown jewels from a vault in Moscow, one fought a shark with a knife..

  • Badass of the Week: Flavius Stilicho

    The last great hero of the Western Roman Empire, this Visigoth-slaying general defended Rome from barbarian invasion not once but twice.

  • Badass of the Week: Charlemagne

    The military genius who crushed the enemies of Christendom, united Europe under one ruler, and brought the continent out of the Dark Ages.

  • Badass of the Week: Edward Longshanks

    The Hammer of the Scots.

  • Badass of the Week: Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

    Elected President of Mexico eleven times (and deposed twelve times), the villain of the Alamo rocked a prosthetic leg, brought bubble gum to the United States, has a sea shanty named after him, once led a military coup against himself.

  • Badass of the Week: Taksin the Great

    Peasant soldier becomes King and Liberator of Thailand by training an army of dual-wielding Muay Thai guerilla fighters and unleashing them on an invading enemy.

  • Badass of the Week: John Coffee Hays

    One of the toughest and most celebrated Texas Rangers on the Wild West frontier.

  • Badass of the Week: Peter Freuchen

    Peg-legged Danish polar explorer who lived with the Inuit, amputated his own toes with pliers, and once escaped certain death by making a knife out of his own frozen shit.

  • Badass of the Week: Edward L. Baker

    Lars Ulrich's great-godfather was a hardcore Old West Buffalo Soldier Sergeant-Major who fought Apaches under Geronimo and stormed San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt.


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