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  • Top 11 Blogs About Planet Earth

    Happy Earth Day! To celebrate our beautiful blue planet, we are highlighting the top 10 blogs about a little place we call Earth. How can a river be underwater? From land, Angelita looks like any an ordinary swimming hole. It’s not until you dive almost 100 feet that the underwater […]

  • Glow-In-The-Dark Highways (Video!)

    Header Image: Remko De Waal EPA/Landov Smart Highway The Netherlands are testing out a “Smart Highway.” About .3 miles of road have been painted with photoluminescent paint. The paint “absorbs light” or “charges” during the day and then emits a soft green light at night. The goal is to make […]

  • Would You Live in a Apartment the Size of a Parking Space?

    SCADpad – For the Crowded City Future SCADpad, the latest project by the Savannah College of Art and Design asked students, faculty, and alumni to create a livable space that is the size of a parking space! This is what came of it. These little spaces are a mere 16 […]

  • The Weirdest Easters

    Open Your Windows Easter Egg Trees A 1760 Pound Easter Egg! The Time Secret Service Dressed Up as Bunnies Tapping Red Easter Eggs

  • Bring us your Bizarre!

    Join Edward Meyer, VP Exhibits & Archives at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Panama City Beach, Florida on April 25th & 26th for the Bizarre Buying Bazaar! Ripley’s is touring the land searching for the best bizarre items. Search your attics, homes, garages, cars, and collections to see if you […]

  • 24 Spectacular Images of the Salty Sivash Lagoons

    The Rotten Sea Just south of Ukraine, between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, is the Crimean Peninsula. Separating the Crimean Peninsula from the mainland is a very unique system of lagoons and swamps called the Sivash Lagoons. The Sea of Azov is the shallowest sea in the […]

  • Mmm Mmm Bugs

    4 Delicious Bug Dishes Interesting Foods has long been a staple of our annual Ripley’s Believe It or Not! books. Inside this delectable chapter are always a few bug noshes to stir your hunger. Here are 4 delicious bug dishes from our latest book, Dare to Look! Bug Pizza Taiwanese […]

  • What Is It Like to Hallucinate?

    Sensory Deprivation & R.E.S.T Perhaps you think that hallucinations only occur due to the effects of drugs or because of mental illness. As it turns out, there are a few other scenarios that could spark a hallucination in a person’s mind. One of those is sensory deprivation. It’s noisy out […]

  • Every Day This Week Can Be Written The Same Forwards & Backwards

    Calendar Palindrome If you write the date in a 5-digit month/day/year format, this entire week can be written the same forwards and backwards! Mind Blown? Then be prepared to have your mind blown ALL THE TIME! Not that Rare There are palindromes all over the place! Just pick your flavor. […]

  • Jellyfish in Space!

    Extraterrestrials We have shown you Alexander Semenov’s spectacular photography before when we featured his awesomely creepy worms. Alexander has a degree in Zoology, is the Chief Diver for the White Sea Biological Station, and takes eerily beautiful underwater pictures of sea creatures. Jellyfish Space is a photo series that looks […]


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